Friday, April 7, 2017

Fiber Arts Friday: Rill scarf, part 4

One of my thoughts when casting on the Rill Scarf last September, is that I would enter it in this years' county fair in August.

It has spent a good amount of time resting, but I've started working on it more in the last month.  So after writing last week's Fiber Arts Friday post,  I decided to figure out what needed to happen in order to accomplish this goal.

Here's my thought process:

With a finished length of 60 inches, a current length of 11.5 inches, and 18 weeks until the county fair, I need to add at least three inches of length each week.

The scarf is made up of two sections; (1) a 10-row, length-adding section, and (2) a short-row, wedge section that adds the ripples of the rill.

Each 10-row section is just under one inch.  Each short-row section does not add length.

If I average one section per night, I would average just under 3.5 inches per week.  Which would allow the scarf to be completed in time to enter it in the county fair.

I'm not sure I can maintain that pace for 4.5 months.  Also I'm not sure how interesting a scarf will be 3.5 inches at a time, for 4.5 months.  ;-)

I still have shedding season to finish up, shearing season to come, lots of skirting, the Tour de Fleece, planting season, and a few dogs shows, between now and early August.

So I think it's unlikely that this scarf will be finished in time for the county fair, especially since I only added one inch since I wrote last weeks' Rill Scarf post. ;-/

How do you plan your fiber-y goals?

Happy Fiber Arts Friday!

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