Friday, February 10, 2017

Fiber Arts Friday: Collecting Tibetan Mastiff Fur

I have received a few questions recently about how much yarn someone would be able to collect from their Tibetan Mastiff.

At about the same time Nobu had started to blow her coat.  It appears that shedding season is early for many TM people in the northern hemisphere.  ;-)

Last weekend, about two weeks into Nobu's shed, I spent some time grooming her:



You can see in the before photo that I've missed out on collecting a lot of her coat.  But after about 40 minutes, I had trimmed her toes, checked her ears and teeth, and collected about 3.5 oz of fur.

I think she looks much better.

I only collected the body fur.  The tail and britches, while absolutely useful, are more coarse so I am not saving it.  I have more than enough fleece and fur to work with.  ;-)

What have you been up to?

Happy Fiber Arts Friday!

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