Sunday, November 6, 2016

Bill Clinton Came for a Visit

This is an historic election.

With Colorado being one of the purple states, we've had many political visitors over the last several days.

Bill Clinton is the one who initially got me excited about the political process and I was proud to vote for him.

This year, I am proud to support another Clinton for President.

President Bill Clinton talked about Hillary Clinton's plans for education, clean energy and economic development.

Representative Jared Polis talked about a conversation he might have with his son in eight years about whether boys could be President.

Senator Michael Bennet talked about working together and with purpose.

Both the crowd and people working for the campaign were wonderful, joyful, supportive, helpful and kind to each other.

This girl's t-shirt says, "I am your future President."

I have now had the opportunity to listen to three presidents speak... two I voted for and one I did not.  All were better in person than the news sound bites and Facebook memes would suggest.

If you have the opportunity to listen to a President speak in person, please do and remember, it's better to build bridges, not walls.

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Andria said...

I can't wait to vote today, Clinton all the way!!!!!