Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Fiber Arts Friday: Tour de Fleece, 2015 - part 3

More Tour de Fleece.

Friday, July 17th - Day 13
20 minutes at lunch today. :-)

Saturday, July 18th - Day 14
About an hour last night and a few hours today gets me to 3 oz spun so far in this bobbin.

Sunday, July 19th - Day 15
Bobbin #1 is finished! 3.25 oz of Gold Tibetan Mastiff.

I broke the yarn a few times when winding into cakes. But the different sized cakes will give me some options when it comes to plying. 

And a pretty good start on Bobbin #2.

Monday, July 20th - Day 16
Feeling indifferent about my drop spindle today. I definitely prefer to spin on my wheel, but my wheel can't come to the day job with me. :-(

~10 minutes. Did a small amount of spinning on the fly rather than my usual park-and-draft. Definitely need more practice there. 

Tuesday, July 21st - Rest Day
Even though today was supposed to be a rest day, I opted to spin. There is no telling what the rest of this crazy week might bring. 

My reward was to break the yarn twice in short succession. I'm temporarily holding it together with a rubber band and will start a new yarn tomorrow.

Wednesday, July 22nd - Day 17
Moving beyond yesterday's flub with 10 more minutes at lunch. 

Thursday, July 23rd - Challenge Day, Day 18
It wasn't that long ago that just using my drop spindle was my challenge. But since I've been using a drop spindle most weekdays for the last two months, I thought I'd try spinning on the fly in earnest. No park-and-draft today was the goal. 

With my super-light, super-well-balanced, Ledbetter spindle, I was reasonably successful at spinning on the fly for 10 minutes. 

This spindle will spin on its own for a long time. If I were working with pencil roving instread of a raw clump of fiber there is no doubt that I could do this reasonably well. :-)

Isn't it amazing what good tools and a little practice can go for one's confidence? ;-)

Happy Spinning and Happy Fiber Arts Friday.

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