Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Just for Fun

A friend in Minnesota wanted to see how Clementine is growing up, so I took my camera out to see what I could capture...

I captured the "puppies" showing off.

Wonton beating up Noodle

 These girls love, and I mean LOVE, to wrestle.

Can you see the smile on Wonton's face?

Posing for pictures

The Alpaca Dog likes to get in the middle of it too.

He's the small dog now, but he's still the top dog.  Wonton still has a smile on her face. :-)

And of course I got a few shots of Clementine and her friends.  :-)

Clementine with her momma, Kocoa and Daisy

All of our girls having breakfast together

Apple wants to make sure we don't forget that she is cute too

Clementine be four months old next week.

We'll be asking the vet to come out in the coming weeks to make sure all of our "pregnant" dams are in fact pregnant and to give everyone their annual vaccinations.

We are also starting to make plans for breeding Noodle next year.  We will have her hips and elbows certified.  Then, assuming all is well, we plan to breed her in November-ish.


Alittlebitsheepish said...

Lovely pictures, such cuteness! And puppies, :)

Sam said...

Your animals are so cute!