Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Dogs Working

Our girls don't look much like puppies anymore.  They love being out with the alpacas and are growing into very good protectors.

We take them on walks and to the Farmer's Market to ensure they remain well socialized.  They enjoy other dogs and people when we're out.  But when they are with the alpacas, they are definitely working.  I have no doubt that these girls would fiercely protect me, Hubba, the alpacas and each other if the situation ever presented itself.

I have not posted any photos of them in quite a while. Mostly because they generally don't stay still.  Which means that usually the only thing I'm able to capture is a black blur.

However, Hubba and I have been able to snap a few over the last couple of days.

Clementine and Wonton enjoying the sun while everyone else was enjoying breakfast


Noodle and Wonton working hard ;-)

The girls are just about 1 year old now. Wonton, in a couple of days and Noodle, next week.

Noodle, me and Wonton

I can't tell you how much we love these dogs.  They were absolutely the best choice for us.  :-)


Alittlebitsheepish said...

They are so gorgeous, and I am glad they are turning out to be such good workers. The napping in the sun looks like a job I would like to try though :D

Oak Haven Alpacas said...

how cute!!!


WonderWhyGal said...

I'm happy that they are really LGD. So many times farms get them but don't work with them so they don't really work the farm.

Yours are beautiful and are so big now.

Spinster Beth said...

Clementine is a beautiful color! That is my favorite shade of alpaca. So warm and pretty.