Tuesday, March 9, 2010


It's been about five weeks since the incident with and gelding of one of our alpacas.
My goals have been simple and progressive with a specific endstate in mind.
  • First to enter the corral.
  • Then to help my husband with the chores.
  • Feed the big boys by myself with my husband standing by in the corral.
  • Enter the corral alone, with my husband standing by outside the corral.
  • Do the chores by myself with my husband outside of the corral.
  • Finally, do the chores entirely by myself.
Yesterday, we accomplished major goal #1 and repeated it today.  I did all of the chores entirely by myself while my husband watched from the house.

This is significant.  Since the marathon season is starting soon, my husband will be travelling more frequently.  Which means I needed to reach the point where I felt comfortable doing the chores by myself, un-escorted.

I am very proud of myself and of our alpaca.

Our next major goal is to reach the point where I can halter and handle the alpaca prior to shearing toward the end of April.

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WonderWhyGal said...

You can do it! I love how you and your husband are handling the alpaca and the whole situation. I know it would have scared me too. You both have been patient and working with the alpaca and herd. You aren't taking the easy way out, you are taking the responsible owner route which is more difficult but in the end more rewarding. Thank you, again, for sharing this experience with all of us.